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Eco Pallets

The freight mate that is both economically efficient and ecologically welcome.

There is worldwide demand for greater environmental responsibility. There is need to reduce the carbon footprint of our exports. And there is always a call to lower costs. The doubleEco corrugated cardboard pallet will deliver on all counts while safely transporting your exports.

doubleEco pallets are made from multiple layers of corrugated board glue laminated together to be as strong as you need them to be - they can be customised to suit your specific load requirements. The top and bottom decks are separated by 9 bonded pillars, also of corrugated cardboard, designed to allow 4 way entry by forklifts and jiffy trolleys.

  • Manufactured in New Zealand
  • Ideal for export or one-way within NZ
  • Standard options or specially built
  • 3 std models < 350kg, < 750kg, < 1000kg
  • Robust, light, easy to handle, clean
  • Eco friendly, fully recyclable
  • No export documentation required
  • Freight savings, competitively priced

In most cases, the price of doubleEco cardboard pallets will be comparable or lower than an export wood pallet. The other additional benefits make a clear case for using doubleEco cardboard pallets for your exports.

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